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Behavior Modification/Private Sessions

Behavior issues can be emotionally devastating for dog owners and crippling for dogs. Whether it's fear manifested by aggression or something innocuous as pulling on the leash to greet other dogs, there are underlying reasons for the behavior as well as an avenue of redemption. All complex aspects of your dog and meticulous details of his life are taken into consideration in advance of your session. With our credentialed (CPDT-KA) experience and educated, holistic approach, we're able to map out a journey of rehabilitation, restoring freedom and joy to your dog and your relationship.

Proven scientific methods of reinforcement are applied to simplify the process. By creating a platform of solid-reliable behaviors upon which to build in responsiveness and levels of complexity, behavior modification becomes a seamless application.

And because our method of modifying behavior is positive, it becomes fun and therefore transformational, an experience both you and your dog will enjoy. You'll see changes at the onset and you'll begin to more fully understand how dogs learn and grow in confidence and ability.

Professional dog training is non-aversive and does not include punishment and isn't something you inflict upon, or "do to" your dog in order to gain compliance, but rather an exchange of cues and responses. This ultimately yields a more confident dog and allows for learning to flourish, a win-win proposition.

No matter the issue, big or small, life can be made better through a private session.

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Georgie Young, CPDT-KA,
CGC Evaluator, TDI Evaluator



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