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Programs and Classes

Basic Beginners

Forming good habits by learning basic skills is easier than trying to correct or break bad ones.   Springboard your relationship with your dog by leading with positive direction teaching the foundational behaviors needed for everyday life together.  Establish a learning style that’s clear and easy for your dog to follow by enrolling in the basic motivational reward based class. You’ll be teaching your dog over 9 behaviors designed to get your dog off to a solid and stress free start. 6 weeks, Tuition $155

Puppy Class - Exclusively

This will be one of the most important time investments you’ll be making with your puppy.  In this class your puppy’s perception about the world will begin to take shape. A portion of training will take place off leash in a real life format.  The all important socialization skills will begin to develop with other people and dogs in an environment that will provide positive experiences and associations.   Begin building a confident, good natured, well adjusted dog that is friendly with people and dogs by enrolling in our puppy class. 6 weeks, Tuition $155

Intermediate Workshop

Basic skills learned in the beginner class are refined, taking these behaviors to the next level by improving response time, becoming more efficient and stronger in communication of cues, utilizing higher level distractions, the introduction of several new cues, problem solving and a few tricks to round out a well balanced dog, mentally fit with a repertoire of strong reliable cues. 6 weeks, Tuition  $100

Canine Good Citizen

 The designation of Canine Good Citizen sponsored by the A.K.C., is the hallmark of a dedicated and responsible dog owner.  Earning your certificate represents that you and your dog have achieved a level of standard which recognizes the effort invested in cultivating a well mannered companion that is in good standing with the community.  We rehearse to perfection the 10 skills that are tested on the final day of class. Even though there is a test required to receive your certificate issued by the A.K.C., you are encouraged to engage your dog and enjoy the process in a relaxing setting, being well prepared so that the test will be a breeze.   The skills tested are:  Accepting a friendly stranger, Appearance and Grooming, Out for a Walk, Sit and Down on cue, Staying in place, Reaction to Distractions, Reaction to another dog,  Walking Through a Crowd, Supervised separation. 6 weeks, Tuition $90.00

Are You Talk ‘in To Me? - Recall Focus Workshop

 If you’ve ever considered scheduling a vet visit to have your dogs hearing checked because he doesn’t respond when you call him, then this workshop is for you.  The Brotherhood of Dogs states; I’ll get there in a minute once I finish sniffing  this molecule on the ground or a million other activities that are  stated in their code of acceptable reasons for not responding.  Non-compliance on a recall can exist for several reasons.  We can break that code of “I’ll get to you in a minute” by teaching your dog how to welcome the opportunity to be called to you. A solid recall makes life easier for both of you as well as keeping your dog out of potential danger, which makes this responsive cue even more necessary; it could actually save your dogs’ life one day. 3 weeks, Tuition $75

A Walk In The Park, Loose Leash Walking Focus Workshop

Also known as, We Don’t Need No Stink ‘in Leashes!  Have you ever felt as though you needed to call the paramedics while on a walk to have your arm re-set in its socket? You’re not alone.  This workshop will help you and your dog communicate on the same level with a fluid, mutually enjoyable walking style utilizing a systematic step technique which emphasizes hands/leash free walking in a controlled environment which translates into walking with a leash, a walk in the park!  4 weeks, Tuition $85

Private Session/Behavioral Modification

Whether its behavioral counseling and training or you’d just prefer time to explore a particular issue that merits addressing, a private coaching session may be held in your home or at Half Moon Bay Canine Training, which ever would maximize the effectiveness of the session.  You‘ll be given a questionnaire to complete prior to our appointment, conveying comprehensive information about your dog allowing us to focus on the chosen topic saving valuable time during the session.  We’ll spend a minimum of an hour actively demonstrating how the topic should be addressed along with recommended homework. Tuition $95 per hour

Shared Private Coaching Session

Have a friend or group class-mate that would like to share a private session? You can split the fee, and share the time or split the time and share the fee, either way you’ll both have one on one time to pursue your dog training needs.

So You Think You Want A Dog?

Pre-purchase or pre-adoption counseling:  Are you considering adding a second dog to the family or planning to acquire a solo dog?  Many times fundamental factors are overlooked often times resulting in a decision which many not have been the wisest for your lifestyle or circumstances?  Reviewing potential breeds or breed mixes in relation to family needs, desires and expectations as well as advice on puppy proofing your home, management, nutrition, house training, crate training, puppy basics and how to make all aspects of the transition to your new home a positive experience for you and your dog.  It’s a sure way to get off to a great start and avoid a myriad of pitfalls.  

Country-Adventures Graduates Club

Five acres of perimeter fencing and over an acre of dog training fenced area of bucolic ethereal playground for you and your dog to run, stroll, jumps the jumps, traverse the tunnel or just hang out and sniff or chase butterflies, perfect for you and your dog to just take in the fresh country air while your dog socializes and burns off energy.  Available to graduates who are well socialized and non-aggressive and their people.  Call or email for schedules.

Group classes are an hour in duration and meet once weekly. A certificate of completion will be presented at the conclusion of the last day of class for each program.

Tuesday Evenings
Puppy Power
6:30 p.m. through 7:30 p.m.
Exclusively for puppies class, ages 8 weeks through 18 weeks

Wednesday Evenings
6:30 p.m through 7:30 p.m
Basic Beginner, young dogs or adults

Saturday Mornings
10:30 a.m. through 11:30 a.m.
Basic Beginner, young dogs or adults

WORKSHOPS including the Intermediate, Recall and Loose Leash Walking, day and times vary so please call 757-621-6163 or email for current schedule.


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